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Earn money and/or a free RV site as you travel

Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider?s Guide to Working on the Road is the must-have book if you need anSupport Your RV Lifestyle 3rd ed income or are looking for ways to reduce expenses as you travel.

EARN MONEY: You want to travel now but are not retired and need more money to hit the road.

The RV lifestyle can be less expensive than living in a stick house. Maybe you want to live your dreams now rather than wait for an uncertain future. Perhaps an illness was a wake-up call or a forced layoff or early retirement. Maybe the rat race has gotten you down.

You can work while traveling in your RV. Work-campers work in RV parks, national parks and forests, amusement parks, at events like NASCAR and the Super Bowl. They have their own business, perhaps working on the Internet right out of their rig. They could go to flea markets and shows and sell a product. The ideas are endless.

See Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider?s Guide to Working on the Road answers all your nitty gritty questions about getting RV work to support your RVing. Learn where you find higher paying jobs, write your RV resume, prepare for interviewing and negotiation. Learn how income taxes and other factors will impact your income.

SAVE MONEY--GET A FREE OR REDUCED-PRICE RV SITE: Even if you don't need money coming in, you can save money by working and volunteering. You might get a free or reduced-price campsite.

Working on the road can offer many perks. If you work for an RV park, you might get a free RV site, either in exchange for a few hours of work each week or as part of your compensation. In tourist areas, other attractions often offer workers at RV parks free tickets to their attraction so you'll tell your guests about it.

In Branson, Missouri, for example, workers who interact with the public get free admissions to all the shows with only a small charge if there is a meal. Employers may plan activities or have meals for work-campers.

Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider?s Guide to Working on the Road provides a job list and more than 350 moneymaking opportunities. It includes jobs, job categories, ideas for your own business on the road, and volunteering. Actual working RVers are profiled.

LIVE LONGER--STAY PRODUCTIVE: Sightseeing is fun - for a while. If you find you've gained weight or the brain is getting fuzzy, some structure may be a good thing.

Many people find that having a structure to their life helps them feel better. It doesn't have to be a nine-to-five job, but having some things on the schedule help them stay active. RVers don?t usually have regular appointments or club meetings so it can be easy to spend non-travel days sitting inside the RV, perhaps reading or watching TV. Some adapt but others feel fuzzy or miss interacting with people in a meaningful way or find they're eating too much. Working or volunteering even two or three days a week can make a difference.

Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider's Guide to Working on the Road for lots of ideas for finding out about jobs as you travel.

GIVE BACK: We are lucky to have the freedom to travel this beautiful country of ours. Donate your time and give something back. The desire to help others is strong in many RVers. No longer being in their home community, the normal outlets of church and community-service groups aren?t readily available. Yet there are many ways for RVers to help. You can volunteer in our national and state parks or for other agencies, volunteer for non-profits like animal rescue organizations, help out during disasters.

Are you intrigued with the RV lifestyle but wondering about the legal and financial aspects? Is the question of health insurance holding you back? Are you a solo or a family and wonder if you can do this too?

Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider?s Guide to Working on the Road consists of 400 pages, including ten appendices with contact information for state tourist bureaus, state parks, state revenue offices and state motor vehicle and licensing bureaus and more, plus an additional 32 pages of resources.

Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider?s Guide to Working on the Road features profiles of actual working RVers. Here are some of the stories from the book. One of them could be YOU!

  • Bob and Marilyn began full-time RVing in their 50s. They had decided to give this a try but after a year wanted to stay on the road. With little income coming, they had to find an income source. Bob and Marilyn began working for a company that makes site maps for RV parks. They sold the advertising to local businesses; the RV park got free area maps to distribute to their visitors; Bob and Marilyn made money. Later Bob started a Web-based business that supported them. They now are old enough to receive social security so no longer have to work.

  • One couple began full-time RVing in their late 30s. Frank and Sue wanted to work in national parks. It took a couple of years but they did get hired at Rocky Mountain National Park. In the meantime, they worked at a couple of resorts, sold Christmas trees, picked up some work flagging for a road crew and other fun things. Frank and Sue traveled for eight years before deciding to get back off the road. They now live in another area but have no regrets about their travel.

  • Tom and Brenda had it made. Tom was retirement age so Brenda quit her job so they could travel. They stayed in high-end RV resorts, enjoying all the lifestyle has to offer. Then they lost their nest egg in a bad investment. Over the past 15 years, they have worked doing sales, selling Christmas trees, working at ski resorts so they got free ski lift passes, managing an RV park. Now Brenda has a well-paying job with an RV club while they continuing to travel as much as they want.

  • Ralph worked at Lake Powell one summer. On days off he could take out a boat, if available, at no charge, paying only insurance and fuel. He received free lunches on the job and could eat in the employee cafeteria for a couple of dollars per meal. He received discounts in the stores and could take free tours. The employer offered a number of complimentary employee trips to explore the area, including rafting the first part of the Colorado below the Glen Canyon Dam and a discounted raft trip through the Grand Canyon. At the end of the season, he was eligible for a week on a houseboat, paying only insurance and fuel.

  • Jerry and Carol always look for and find jobs where they are paid for every hour and get a free RV site. They are successful at that. Jerry likes to fish so they pick locations and employers where Jerry has easy access to fishing and sometimes has a boat for his use. They have worked in Alaska and fished for salmon, worked on marinas at lakes, on rivers, and in Maine.

  • Steve and Nancy's dream has been to work at NASCAR events. After three years on the road, they are making that dream come true. At the Las Vegas event, they parked their RV in the center and worked the event, earning money too. Being right in the middle of things and part of the action was the best payoff, though.

  • Jan and Gary are energetic and enjoyed exploring this country. After a while, it felt like something was missing. Eventually they found an RV park in Arizona they liked for the winter. Jan teaches line dancing, Gary helps with events in the park and teaches a woodworking class. They get a discount on their RV site. Both like being busy and being part of the activities at the park.

  • Mike and Terri have been focusing on one region of the country each summer to explore. In the fall, they locate a Habitat for Humanity build and join other RVers. They are part of the RV-Care-A-Vanners arm of Habitat. Another couple who volunteer for Habitat also volunteer for NOMADs, a similar organization.

  • Ben and Margaret love Big Bend National Park and have been volunteering for three months each winter for several years. They work in one of the visitor centers and also hike the trails as part of their jobs. They receive an RV site and propane but the best part is knowing the visitor center would not be able to offer the services it does without them.

  • Jackie loves animals. In her travels, she stops at local humane societies and offers to walk and groom the dogs. She has spent time at several animal rescue organizations including a wolf rescue.
Join the legion of people who work or volunteer on the road.

This book has all the how-to's for working on the road. More than 350 ways to work and volunteer on the road.

Support Your RV Lifestyle! consists of 400 pages, including ten appendices with contact information for state tourist bureaus, state parks, state revenue offices and state motor vehicle and licensing bureaus and more, plus an additional 32 pages of resources. It also includes a companion CD with all the websites in Support Your RV Lifestyle! a click away.

Jump instantly to each website. The extensive resource section has active hyperlinks and the appendices with websites have active links. The CD also includes: printable forms from the book, including budget worksheets, grocery shopping list, resume worksheet, and job search chart, plus thirteen articles by Jaimie Hall Bruzenak and other Workampers. Choose media mail or priority mail.

Now available exclusively at the bookstore at Please visit their site to purchase, which includes both the print book and the companion CD.