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Health Insurance

Finding Health Care and Insurance on the Road

One of the biggest concerns full-timers have is how they are going to obtain quality health care on the road and how they can get affordable health insurance. We will share information―articles, links and other resources that should help you achieve your health care and insurance goals. If you know of other resources or know an insurance agent or company that works with full-timers please contact us. By working together we can improve health care and insurance for all full-timers!

How do I find health insurance?

Jaimie's three-part article takes you through the steps of researching and choosing health insurance when you are not yet eligible for Medicare.

Resource: We highly recommend The New Health Insurance Solution: How to Get Cheaper, Better Coverage Without a Traditional Employer Plan by Paul Zane Pilzer. Read the review.

Another resource is articles on health care at You can check out specific states as well as find the latest about changes in health care laws.

How do I avoid scams?

How can I find lower priced or free drugs and medical services?

Resource: Excellent source for lowering your prescription costs. Read the review of Drugs for Less: The Complete Guide to Free and Discounted Prescription Drugs by Michael P. Cecil, M.D. It includes more than 600 of the most commonly prescribed medications.

What about Canadians?