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Healthcare on the Road

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Healthcare & the RV Lifestyle

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The RV Lifestyle
RV Lifestyle

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Working on the Road


bullet Get coupons for up to 80% off on a wide range of prescriptions; free phone apps too:


I have used these coupons myself; worked flawlessly
at Walgreens, saved over 50% of retail.
... Margo

bullet Find medical help for those common illnesses at a fraction of the cost of Emergency or Urgent Care clinics. Most non-Medicare health insurance cards accepted

CVS Pharmacy Minute Clinic & Walgreens Health Clinics

bullet Links to Healthcare Information for the Under-65 Traveler

Pre-Medicare Healthcare Options for the Younger RVers

bullet eBook for RVers With Questions About Using Medicare on the Road

Healthcare & The RV Lifestyle

bullet How Individuals Handle Their Healthcare on the Road

BK @ Goin' RV Boondocking

Evanne @ The RV Cooking Show

Sandy @ Your RV Lifestyle

bullet Find a Medicare physician

Medicare's Physician Compare Website

bullet Filtering Your Water on the Road


Share your healthcare experience here. Additions to this page are welcome. Please mention RV Lifestyles in the Subject line of the eMail. Send any articles to:

Margo @ TheMaxwellGroup.net

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