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RV Book Reviews

The Writer's Book of Hope by Ralph Keyes
He writes about how necessary hope is to writers, unpublished as well as published.

Between Forest and Sky: A Fire Tower Journal by Sharon Stratton
If you have ever thought about volunteering or working on the road as a fire-tower watcher, I highly recommend this book.

Crusin' On Land: A Sailor Discovers the RV World by George & Gail Buchler
For someone considering this lifestyle, this down-to-earth account is helpful in choosing a rig and seeing what day-to-day travel is like.

RVing With Kids 12 Months a Year by Joan van Dolder
This books is a must-have resource for families who travel in their RVs.

The New Health Insurance Solution by Paul Zane Pilzer
How to get cheaper, better coverage without a traditional employer plan.

RVers: How Do They Live Like That? by Judy Farrow and Lou Stoetzer, PhD
Former family counselors, Judy Farrow and Lou Sto-etzer, created a unique book describing the human interactions inside the tin boxes we inhabit.

The Leisure Seeker by Becky Blanton
This novel is one of the most poignant and humorous books I've read in a long time.

A Venture in Faith by Carol Weishampel
The story is a romance and about Leah finding healing and a return to faith in God.

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