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Books for working on the Road

Pay for your travels by working. Lots of different types of jobs are possible from working in a campground or RV park to working in an amusement park, playing a costumed character, assisting at a NASCAR race and so many more. Volunteering can save you money as well. Federal and state agencies usually provide a free RV site to RV volunteers. You could be a camphost but you could also work in the office or visitor center, resource management, archaeology, astronomy, geology, or take photos.

Often RVers find they want to be productive and miss structure - after a while. Working and volunteering provides this as well as other benefits. Many employers provide other perks for employees as do other companies who cater to tourists. They want you to try out their tour, their attraction, their meals so you recommend them to visitors at your RV park. It's a great way to get to know an area too.

Read here for a full description of Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider's Guide to Working on the Road. It has been called the "bible" of Workamping and is a must-have if you plan to (or are considering) working or volunteering as you travel. Answers basic questions about how to find jobs, Workamping resumes, legal issues, and more than 350 work and volunteering ideas and how to find them.

The book is now only available through Workamper.com and includes the companion CD.

We do offer help with your resumes for working on the road. You can have your resume evaluated or have it professionally written. See the Resume Assistance page for a description and more information.

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